NSCA-logoOne of the premier organizations when it comes to all things related to strength training and conditioning, is the NSCA – the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  The NSCA is generally considered the world leader in delivering scientific, peer-reviewed research about strength and conditioning.  Their certification test and standards are considered to be the most stringent in the industry.  They are an excellent and consistent source of information and educational material.

In the strength (weight) program that I have shared, we focus on four core (fundamental) lifts.  Bench Press, Squat, Hang Clean, and Push Press.  The NSCA has excellent video and detailed instruction for each of these lifts. In addition, there are many other very good sites with training video.   Click on these links to see the video from another excellent source, the Central College Strength and Conditioning web site:

  1. Bench Press
  2. Squat
  3. Hang Clean
  4. Push Press

I will be spending time over the next few weeks posting video of our athletes completing these four lifts, as well as tips and technique pointers that we use while teaching.

Tomorrow I will begin sharing sections of an ebook that I wrote a couple of years ago named

“How to become Wanted …. and rewarded”  (subtitle-  Take Control and Market Yourself – The Complete Guide to a Successful College Recruiting Experience.)

If you ever have a question, please comment or email.  I will respond!

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