The Lombardi Effect

A TBT post from a couple of years ago… Today is Vince Lombardi’s birthday

Some other Lombardi references:


2 thoughts on “The Lombardi Effect

  1. Outstanding!I might have every book that’s ever been printed reference the greatest coach ever…Vince Lombardi. You might say I am a disciple of Coach Lombardi and have strived to adopt many of his teachings. At 60 years old, I coach my grandson’s football, basketball and baseball teams. As a police officer I currently work in the Community Policing Unit where I have had numerous opportunities to lead young people as a SADD advisor, PAL activities and commander for our Junior Police Academy. I collect inspirational quotes and have used Lombardi’s in many of my speaking engagements. Thank you for sharing your admiration of one of my boyhood and adult heroes. Ed BonchakSent from Yahoo Ma

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