Setting, then Reaching Your Goals

Heading into the summer, now is a great time to talk to your athletes about goal setting…

You Can Do More!

A while ago a former player of mine (a VERY good former player) at the University of Central Missouri asked

“Do you still talk to your players about goal setting and have them fill out the cards like you had us do?  That helped me as much as anything we did.”

Goal Card

I had to admit to myself that yes, while I talked to them about setting goals, I had not spent the time going through the process that I should have.  This week I made up for that and had the discussion with the 120 students in my Advanced Strength and Conditioning class for Athletes.

I asked the students to think about their goals, not only in this class and the sport they participate in, but also academic, and life goals.  I asked them to keep those goals in mind as we went through the parameters of what constitutes…

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