Everyone is Legendary at Something

Everyone is Legendary at Something.

That is the tagline for the new Heineken Beer ad campaign which features…

  • A legendary rope climber…
  • A legendary bird caller…
  • A legendary bottle opener…
  • A legendary rail slicer…
  • A legendary eyebrow raiser…


And so on… 20 different guys on a cruise ship legendary at something. (You can see the ad in its entirety, including all the legends casting video at this link: Heineken – Odyssey Interactive

Everyone is legendary at something…

So, Coach… what is your legendary skill?

  • Tech?
  • Presenting?
  • Strategy?
  • Writing?
  • Organization?
  • Data?
  • Motivation?
  • Humor?
  • Film editing?
  • Word?
  • Problem solving?
  • Excel?
  • Hudl?
  • iMovie?

Now, just as important… how can you share that legendary skill?  That is why you got into coaching and teaching… correct?  Because you want to share/ teach/ coach/ help … other people.

Can you…

  • Present at a clinic?
  • Host a clinic?
  • Present at a clinic that you host?
  • Write an article for a coaching journal?
  • Write a blog?
  • Share something via email to your staff?
  • Share something via email to 100 staffs via an email clinic?
  • Make a screencast of drills for one of your drills?
  • Make screencast of drills for all of your staff?
  • Make a digital playbook for your program?

When you share your legendary skill… your art…  it will come back to you… be selfless, not selfish.

From a Seth Godin post:

“The irony, of course, is that selflessness (not selfishness, its opposite) is precisely the posture that leads to more success. The person with the confidence to support others and to share is repaid by getting more in return than his selfish counterpart.

The connection economy multiplies the value of what is contributed to it. It’s based on abundance, not scarcity, and those that opt out, fall behind.

Sharing your money, your ideas, your insights, your confidence… all of these things return to you. Perhaps not in the way you expected, and certainly not with a guarantee, but again and again the miser falls behind.”

Everyone is Legendary at something!

Remember – You Can Do More… your brain is lying to you…. Don’t Believe It!

Jeff Floyd – youcandomore1@yahoo.com

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