The Ideal Coach’s Wife

30 years ago today the most important member of my coaching team joined me… today is my wife, Jamie, and my 30th wedding anniversary.  I was going to write today about how she was the “ideal” coach’s wife, but really, the ideal coach’s wife varies.  It really depends on the people involved.   What I can say is that Jamie is the ideal coach’s wife for me.

wedding We got married on a Friday, August 13.  Back in those days, football practice (in Missouri) always began on August 15 (unless it fell on the weekend).  So as it turned out, we got married on Friday the 13th, and started 2-a-day practices on Monday the 15th.  Needless to say, she knew, and found out rather quickly, what she was getting into. And, yes, this is a picture of us on that Friday, August 13, 1983.

Jamie, while always very supportive, is also a very strong and independent woman.  She has always excelled at her career.   Being a coach’s wife has never been an occupation or an avocation with her…. it has simply meant that she has supported me… to the tune of 7 cities and 8 different football teams.

Jamie would tell you that she learned the ropes of being a coach’s wife from Sue Warner, the wife of long time Missouri coach, Bill Warner.  Bill was the head coach at Odessa High School, and I was his assistant – the Defensive Coordinator.  Bill and Sue took us, a young, newlywed couple, under their respective wings.

Jamie would pass on Sue Warner’s warmth to all wives that ended up joining our team along the way… weather it was Osceola, Warrensburg, or Liberty Missouri.  Veteran wives would often joke about how Jamie would “interview” the new wives each year.

Jamie (and as an extension, our 22 year old son, Carter) is the best thing that ever happened to me… better than any wins… any championships.   As crazy as a coach’s life can get, she has always served to balance it out.  She is the ideal coach’s wife… for me. 

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