Perfect Squat Reps

squatI have always considered squat the most challenging of the 4 Core Lifts to coach regarding technique, especially with competitive athletes.  It goes back to the “gray area” of what constitutes full range of motion.  With the rest of the Core lifts, it is cut and dried if you made the rep or not…. there is a distinct “finish” position.

With squat, going down until your hips are below your knees, thighs parallel with the ground or below, and returning to the starting position constitutes a correct rep through the full range of motion.  This should be cut and dried as well.  I am reminded of Coach Vint’s comments in his post, Building Championship Culture, where he states:

“Attention to details is what sets apart consistent success. When you parallel squat, are your athletes getting to parallel? Or are they cutting corners? Are you allowing them to cut corners? Do you have a definition of parallel that is clear and concise? Are you willing to hold kids accountable to reaching a standard?”

The desire to break, to increase their max, to do more weight, should never come before doing things right.  Most of us are training our athletes to become better football players, softball players, or basketball players, … not to be Olympic powerlifters.  Doing the lift correctly, with us as coaches holding them accountable for correct technique on every lift, will get the results we all want.

This is one area I can improve in… I Can Do More!

Jeff Floyd –

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