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twitterI don’t spend a lot of time on all of the social media apps available, but I do use most of them at least once a day.  I use my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts almost exclusively professionally –  I broadcast few personal “tweets”, and everything that I put out there I feel comfortable with anyone seeing.  While I keep my Facebook wall private, I do have a Facebook Page (You Can Do More!) that is open for anyone to “Like”

That being said, there are a handful of folks that I follow religiously on Twitter, LinkedIn, and various blog sites.  All of these professionals deliver consistently good information and are great resources.  Here are my “follow” recommendations:

Seth Godin – (Twitter  @ThisIsSethsBlog –  Blog – ) Godin is a business and marketing guru.  I read his blog daily.  It is always interesting, usually thought provoking, and often is a concept that I can apply as a teacher and coach.  He does have an app (Seth Godin App) that allows you to get his daily blog posts on your mobile device.

Keith Grabowski

(Twitter @CoachKGrabowski -Blog –  Coach Grabowski is the Offensive Coordinator at Baldwin Wallace University.  Although he does not post new content every day, his posts are ALWAYS useful information that can immediately be applied in your daily coaching.  He is a great example of an excellent coach that embraces new technology and teaching methods.  His information is “cutting edge” – he provides real life examples on how you can integrate technology as a coach and teacher. His posts on developing leadership are excellent as well.

Erin Luong

(Twitter @EHordyskiLuong) Erin is school counselor and Rugby Coach.  Her tweets are full of great resources for educators, and often include ideas on implementing technology in the classroom.

Jason Belzer

(Twitter @JasonBelzer) Jason is a sports attorney who represents coaches.  He also is a writer for Forbes, and a Professor of Sports Business at Rutgers.  If you want to keep up with the latest news regarding litigations in all levels of all sports, Jason is the guy.

Tony Courville

(Twitter @TonyCourville) Coach Courville is a Football/ Strength and Conditioning coach at Teurling Catholic High School. His tweets for the athletes at his school fire me up daily!

Tony DeMeo

(LinkedIn) Tony is a former head college football coach and currently the CEO at TD Enterprise.  Tony shares offensive football information daily via LinkedIn.

There are many other professionals who I “follow” and often get great information from.  The above recommendations deliver consistently great content.

Who do you “follow”?  I would love to hear any recommendations from you – just comment below or shoot me an email.

Jeff Floyd –

6 thoughts on “Following Social Media

  1. Hi Jeff
    I have to say that I am greatly honoured that you have put me in the same category as one of my own favourites Seth Godin @ThisIsSethsBlog.
    Aside from yourself (I love your take on coaching and how to approach life), I also enjoy following Susan Spellman Cann @sspellmancann another Canadian Counsellor, Alan Levine @cogdog a specialist in digital story telling and sharing stories of connection on the web, Alec Couros @courosa a U of R professor who facilitate #etmooc last winter and his brother George Couros @gcouros who is one of the leading educators and bloggers in Alberta (the province I live in).

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