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I am not sure if the abundance of great computer apps I use for coaching is a blessing or a curse.  Without a doubt, these apps save me time, aid in the learning process, and help me do a better job of coaching.  But, as I begin utilizing these apps, I always seem to find more uses for them… giving me more to do!

Here are the apps that I have found useful, ranging from indispensible to somewhat useful to just plain fun! Clicking on the logo or Title link will give you more detail and download information.

hudlHudl:  I use the Hudl app on my iPhone in conjunction with the Hudl web based program nearly every day.  The app allows you to take video from your mobile device, and upload the clips straight to Hudl (which gets them off of your phone) via WiFi.  Once the clips are in Hudl, you can edit, telestrate, make play lists, download, etc…. everything you normally do in Hudl.

imovieiMovie:  I use both the mobile app and the Mac software on my Macbook. Pro.  The program makes editing both audio and video files (like downloaded Hudl clips) a breeze.   Most of the video I have embedded in the blog, or uploaded to YouTube I have edited with this program.

godinSeth Godin Although geared toward marketing/ business folk, I find something useful here nearly every day.



notesNotes:  This app is native on the iPhone and iPad.   Any inspirations (random thoughts) that pop into my head during the day, I type into the Notes App


runkeeperRunKeeper:  Fitness tracking app.  Uses GPS to keep log your walking, running, biking activities.  Breaks down distance, route, pace, splits, and gives you audible “coaching” while you are working out.


picstitchPic Stitch:  Allows you to make a collage from pictures in your album. I have used it many times making “good job” cards for students, and have posted several Pic Stitch pictures in this blog


quickofficeQuickoffice:  Allows you to open and edit Microsoft Office files on an iPad/ iPhone.  Rumor has it that Microsoft Office will be releasing a mobile version of their suite in the near future, but until that time Quickoffice is indispensable.


dropboxDropbox:  Allows you to share files via the Internet.  You “drop” files in your dropbox and they are stored in the cloud and accessible through a sharable link.  Every Excel template or Word document I have shared via this blog, you have accessed through my dropbox.


flightboardFlightBoard: Pretty much like reading a flight board in an airport.  You can select the departure and arrival airports and check on the status of any flight.  My wife travels a lot, so this comes in handy if I need to make an airport run to pick her up!


wordpress-appWordPress:  This is what  I use for my blog.  The web based program (and app) make it easy to edit text, embed links to other sites, and post pictures or video.  This tool could have many uses in your program beyond just “blogging”… limited only by your imagination.


linkedin1Linkedin:  Social media. I use it to network with other coaches and teachers.  You can also join groups within Linkedin life the AFCA – the American Football Coaches Association.


twitterTwitter:  Social media.  I use it to communicate to student-athletes (one way – I do not follow them, they just follow me) and colleagues (two way- they follow me and I follow them).  I learn something daily from a colleague on twitter that I follow.


facebookFacebook: Social media.  I use it to communicate to student-athletes (in a group – no “friending” involved) and colleagues (two way- they “friend” me and I “friend” them).  I learn something daily from a colleague on Facebook that I am friends with.


flipcardsFlipCards:  I use this app to make electronic note cards, front and back, that can be shared with students to help them study.  I have a set that I am making for the major muscle groups of the human body, and what lifts help develop them.

myradarMyRadar: Quick way to see if storms will be effecting your practice or games.



quicktime_playerQuickTime Player:  Allows you to make Screencasts (screen recordings) of anything that is on your computer screen.  I use this to capture telestrated video via Hudl. (Making a Screen Recording)


reflectorReflector:  Presently you can’t make screen recording on your iPad.  This app allows you, through Apple’s airplay feature, to display anything that is running on your iPad on your Mac computer screen.  Once it is displayed on your computer screen, you can do a Screencast of what is on your iPad using QuickTime Player

IBooks_Author_256pxiBook Author: The Mac program, iBook Author, is a free and powerful program that can be used to make highly interactive iBooks for the iPad.  I am just beginning to unlock all of its potential with two iBooks I am working on.


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11 thoughts on “Apps for the Coach

  1. Thanks for the advice. I have been using imovie with my rugby girls to film plays and practices and then to freeze frame with specific advice. As well if anyone else coaches rugby the IRBlaws app and the IRBPassport are great resources for clips, drills, rules etc..

  2. Erin,
    Thanks for adding the rugby apps to the list! I think you would find Hudl would make your life easier. All of the sports, both men and women, use it at our school, and I use it in the classroom as well. I have enjoyed reading your Tweets!

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