Strength and Conditioning Tactilize Card

tactile strength and conditioning picI recently downloaded an app called Tactilize that is used to create “Cards” which allow publishers to showcase their work through a number of mediums.  These Cards are multimedia vehicles, and include web links, video, photographs, and text.  I have used it to consolidate much of the content regarding the workout program (A Weekly (not weakly!) Workout) that I have shared through this forum in a single location.  For each of the 4 Core lifts, it has a direct link to the telestrated video, a text box with a description and coaching points, and a link to the original blog post.  It also has direct links for downloading the various Excel workout templates that I have shared.  It is designed primarily to be viewed on an iPad, but it also works nearly as well using a normal web browser.  You can view my Card here:

My Tactilize Card – You Can Do More!

I eventually will make one Card for each category of this blog content – Recruiting, Workout Program, Motivation, Conditioning Drills, Football Drills, and Coaching Resources.  Let me know what you think.

prepskcThanks to Dion Clisso and PrepsKC, beginning in March, content from this blog will be featured a couple of times each month as part of their column, Coach Corner!

PrepsKC is the official home of the Greater Kansas City Football Coaches Association.

Any questions, just leave a comment or email – I will reply!

Jeff Floyd –

My Squidoo Lens – You Can Do More!

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