In the Spotlight – Alexis Hart

In the spotlight today is Alexis Hart.   Lexi is a freshman three sport athlete at our school (Truman High School) participating in Volleyball, Basketball, and Track.  In addition she participates year round in club volleyball.

hartLexi started as a freshman (which is rare) on our Volleyball team this season as an Outside/ Middle Attacker.   She had the top hitting percentage on the team (.346) and was second in blocks with 16.5.  Lexi also led the squad in earned points with 175, which was 25% of the team’s total earned points.  Alexis was voted 2nd Team All-Conference (also rare for a freshman) and was nominated for the All-Area and All-District squads.  You can read about Lexi’s (and her freshman teammate, Brianna Savidge) volleyball exploits at this link

Examiner Article – Freshman duo sparks Pat’s strong start

In Basketball, Lexi was part of the squad that had a 25-1 record this season.  She started on JV and did earn some varsity minutes this season.  In Track, Lexi is a sprinter and is planning on competing in the 200m and 400m runs.

Lexi has been training in our program since the summer of 2012, and was enrolled in our Advanced Strength Training and Conditioning class both semesters this school year.  Lexi had the top Vertical Leap among the women athletes tested this year (22 inches measured on the wall, not with a Vertec) , and her Power Quotient (56.87) and Pound for Pound Ratio (3.84) were among the leaders as well.

This is Lexi’s current workout card:

Hart Card

Here is a video of Lexi doing some of our Core lifts (Push Press, Bench Press and Back Squat) and a supplemental “change up” lift (Hang Clean to Front Squat)

Lexi challenges herself every day when she trains, whether in the weight room, volleyball or basketball court, or track.

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Developing “Toughness”

I am very fortunate to be at a school where all varsity coaches, in all sports, both men’s and women’s squads, have bought into the strength and conditioning program.  Between the 220 students that are enrolled in the strength training classes at school, and the athletes that lift after school as part of an off-season program, we have over 300 student-athletes a day come through our weight room.  When all the coaches have the same expectations regarding the program, it makes real gains and success possible.

BILL SELFOur girl’s basketball coach, Steve Cassity, and his team  just finished a remarkable season – a 25-1 record and an undefeated conference championship.  Last spring he shared the following with his returning players.  Coach Cassity referenced an article about Bill Self of KU in which he stated the only basketball-related issue he (coach Self) won’t joke about is toughness, which is the most essential theme to Self’s coaching philosophy.  Coach Cassity had this to say to his girls about toughness:


A great place to develop mental and physical toughness is in the weight room.  Lifting weights requires discipline, sacrifice, dedication, pain, fatigue, and teamwork.  Working through this adversity builds physical and mental toughness.

You cannot simply talk about toughness.  A coach cannot talk you into being tough.  You cannot just want to be tougher.  You cannot just play more basketball.  You have to pay the price to earn toughness. The big games we will play next year are being won and lost right now in the weight room.  Critical games we hope to win in March are won in the previous March as you prepare your body and mind to compete with real toughness. Are you paying the price?  Are you earning the big wins?

So many athletes miss out on real success because success “wears a weightlifting belt and smells like sweat.” We have a chart posted of those who are lifting and those that are not.  Earn the respect and confidence of your teammates and coaches by getting in the weight room four days per week.  Lift side-by-side with your teammates.  Walk into next season with the confidence of knowing that you and your teammates have prepared yourself mentally and physically for competition.  Don’t hope, wish, or want for real success.  Go earn it.

Being in the weight room with your teammates is about more than just working out and getting stronger.  It is also about getting tougher, more confident, and “going into next season with the confidence that you are your teammates have prepared yourself mentally and physically for competition.”.  You and your teammates are developing mettle; You are in the forge being smelted; You are  becoming steel!  (see Mettle, Metal and Adversity)

Congratulations to Coach Cassity and the Truman Girls Basketball team for earning real success!

Bonus Content – You can see a video about the KU Basketball Strength and Conditioning program here:

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