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It was with much dismay that I heard a comment that was made by a fellow coach the other day.  He said that he doesn’t really do the “coaching clinic thing” because “he has all the football knowledge he needs right up here”… (pointing to his head).

afcaI was given an excellent piece of advice during my first year of coaching at Blue Springs High School.  Fred Merrell was my head coach when I attended Blue Springs, and I was fortunate to be able to go back after college and work with Fred at Blue Springs for three seasons.  It was after my first season as a member of Fred’s staff and I was getting ready to attend my first coaching clinic.  Coach Merrell could tell I was excited – there were several big name college coaches and many legendary Missouri and Kansas high school coaches.  The thing that Coach Merrell told me that day was this …

”If I can get just one thing out of a clinic, then I consider it worthwhile.  I don’t think I have ever been to a clinic that wasn’t worthwhile”

Coach Merrell knows more football than I, or most of us, will ever know.  He would always  attend every session, and always be right up front , listening intently and taking notes.  I figured if this approach was good enough for Fred, it was good enough for me.

I do think there is a danger of a coach trying to take too much from each presenter; of tasting each new “flavor of the day”.  But, I have never had the hubris to think that “I had all the football knowledge” I needed.  If I do get to that point, someone stick a fork in me… I am done.

I like listening to successful coaches; I enjoy the learning process.   Every clinic I have ever attended, from small local clinics to the American Football Coaches Association national convention, I remember what Coach Merrell said to me over 30 years ago…”If I can get just one thing out a clinic, then I consider it worthwhile”.  I like doing the “coaching clinic thing” and have been to many worthwhile sessions over the past 30 years.

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